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What's this about awards?
Hey guys!

I just noticed that users now have something called "awards" on their profiles. I was hoping I could find a forum post that would explain it, but as there are none there, I decide to insure about them here.

So, why was this new system implemented and what other details can you tell me? Are they similar to game achievements and how awards work on other forums?
(02-27-2014, 07:31 PM)Gors Wrote: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SUCK. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SHOW YOUR SUCKY ART. I think this needs to go noticed to everyone, because sucking is not failing. Sucking is part of the fun of learning and if you don't suck, then you won't own at pixelart

it's ok to suck, sucking is not bad, just try and aim to always do your best!
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You'll see.
Tsunami Bomb - The Simple Truth
We could run away
Leave behind anything paper
Not knowing where we're going to stay
When there's no Mondays

You're part of me, it's so easy to see the simple truth
When I'm in your arms, I feel safe from harm and sorrow too
You're part of me, it's so easy to see the simple truth
But most of all, nothing couldn't be solved when I'm with you
Can I get the first one?
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Hnnnggg, the suspense... she kills...
Woahs, didn't even notice...

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Its clearly for the 1st annual TSR Oscars.
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It's a secret to everybody ;3
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(05-29-2014, 08:48 PM)Omega Wrote: Its clearly for the 1st annual TSR Oscars.

its me

im the leonardo dicaprio of the tsr oscars
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I'll get the award for highest rep. in the history of TSR Cool
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I'll win the generic forum name award.
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