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Direct3D HAL Model Rip
I'm asking a long shot question here, but I'll try.

Is there any known way to rip from a game that uses Direct3D HAL? I've been trying to rip from Fur Fighters for some years now, but the PS2 version appears to use backface culling and the Dreamcast version barely loads, let alone anything else.

The PC game can be played using Direct 3D HAL, RGB Emulation or ADI Radeon 3000 Graphics. Are any of these possible?

The file extensions use .skl which I've also been unsuccessful in viewing/ripping.
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Have you tried using DXRipper or 3DRipperDX? They may be printscreen rippers rather than actual model rippers/extractors, but I'd still recommend giving it a shot.
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Given the game's age, it may require use of a graphics wrapper library before its models can be interpreted by any model ripping software. I cannot recommend any that are guaranteed to work, but I did find this project which looks promising.
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@Mystie - They were the first thing I tried. No luck sadly.

@Friedslick6 - Thanks for the link, I'll give it a shot!
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