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Super Smash Bros.: Affinity
Hello Spriters!

My name is Mega Bidoof, and I am the head of a small video game development team named, "Affinity Dream," and we are currently working on a Super Smash Bros. fan game (like Super Smash Bros. Crusade, or Super Smash Flash/Flash2), named Super Smash Bros. Affinity. Progress on the game is coming along good, and we even have a thread for the game on
We are looking for more spriters to join the team, and make our custom sprite frames into full sprite sheets.

And sprite related contribution would be generous, and we will be grateful for it.

Thank you, and if you need more information before helping, please PM me.

Mega Bidoof
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This is a request, and in the wrong sub-forum at that. Please read the forum rules, especially on requests. Locked/warned.
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