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So we have a Wiki
I was on Google and then I ran into a Wiki that's all about TSR, it's basically empty and there only seems to be two contributers. Why is only two people there? Is it even official?
It seems like it would be a good place to keep tutorials and a bit of history.

Sorry if it's the wrong place or none of my business to be talking about this, I just want to know, we could use it.
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TSR Wiki

For anyone who want's to see for themselves. As Neweegee said though, there's basically nothing there.
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For some reason I feel like filling it with absolutely truthful and informative articles.

Things like "tsr is the worst website. seriously"
and "pillowshading is the surest mark of well-developed pixel art skill. if you use it, you'll be the very best"

Alternatively, it could be filled with some boring articles that just describe what things are and how to fix them (since there doesn't seem to be an actual spriting wiki in existence yet?)
This is the closest thing to that
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Except it's not a wiki. It's a thread on a forum that's a little harder to navigate/search through.

Having things on technique and such on a wiki is generally more convenient than a forum post.
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that's why i said "the closest thing"

i was referring to the fact that it shows what common issues are (though not necessarily how to fix them, we do need that part)

edit- that being said, a wiki format might be kind of cool
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I'm pretty sure that wiki is not official and one of those members seems to apart of the wikia team rather then just tsr wikia

also pretty sure this "greenday4ever" person doesn't even know the backstory or anything about all of tSR (I don't even know all of it, but I know a decent chunk of it)
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Yup, if you want to know the history of Ninsprites and Pixeltendo, then just pop a squat on old Koopappy's lap! Now with only 25% biased opinions!

Did somebody say Koopatty
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Hiynastrike is the greatest thing to happen to the TSR... With his powers he collected every single sprite during the cold war and is known for his bravery during the crash of 87... WHAT? I'M NOT MAKING MY OWN PAGE WITH AN OVER THE TOP STORY! WHO WOULD DO THAT!?
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