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more detail and what not.
some cool decorative masks on the building

Edit: some mtns in the background and sky
[Image: 5jvA2kF.png]

i got a lineup of fools right here.
they're pretty weird
Got some new stuff here (the tough white lady and the two fools on the right)

Forgot to put spikes on the tough woman's gloves, I'll do that later.
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Alright, switching gears a bit here:


This guy's running! C+C pls

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its like if chris o'neill started spriting heh.
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Okay, I could use some help guys

I'm trying to make a much smaller version of this fish guy, but uh,
I don't like how my first attempt turned out at all. It's hard getting the detail right at that scale. Any tips?
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The design is good.
I'd say try lighter or vibrant colors and a darker outline. For me a darker outline helps with readability.
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My edit tried to show what I meant. I know its not your style but darker outlines at certain points on the fishtaur would make it look better.
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(07-02-2014, 04:38 PM)Phantom Killah Wrote: It's hard getting the detail right at that scale.


As for using brighter colors for the fish: the reason for that is that if you want to give something or someone a wet/moist visual, increase contrast and add specular lights.

Like Virtuaboy did, he put those light things on its head and body exactly to give that humid feel on its skin and scales.
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