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PS3 sprites ripping help
Hi I am new to this forum.I've been searching many forums for the help about ripping sprites and I was stumbled upon this one.I've been ripping sprites from a SF2HD game and I have the problem with ripping certain sprites:

This is the normal paletted sprite opened in notepad (just legs are seen here):

[Image: p0lo.png]

And when I open i GGD program the image and palette are correct:

[Image: vc1o.png]

On the other sprites there are unnecessary bytes like . . . . | all over the sprite:

[Image: imyh.png]

And when I open it in GGD the sprites are messed up along with the image:

[Image: 9tyx.png]

My question is, can I somehow delete those bytes from a sprites so I could rip the correct palettes?Here are those two files if someone wants to check it out and compare it:

The first one is with the correct palettes and the second one is with messed palettes.
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