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I love you all to death (Just so I can smash bros with you) (SSBWiiU/3DS)



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oh and discuss.
Smash bros trailer

Nintendo won E3!
What Rips am i doing next not sure?
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I am beyond excited for this game. And the E3 link for Super Smash Bros. links to the old Brawl website, so I'm assuming they are going to do the same thing as last time with updates every couple days. EDIT: It's updated now. Smile
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Yellow Devil boss battle at the end
Subspace is back
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Also Animal Crossing Villager.

So just from the trailer/site, here's what I've gathered.

-Link is Skyward Sword style (as expected)
-It's generally cartoonier (Look at Bowser)
-Skull Castle stage. Yesssssss
-New Kid Icarus stage (with the flags. I thought it was Fire Emblem at first.)
-Pit now has some weapons from the new game.
-Final Smashes are back (villager's page)
-Samus uses the Zero Beam still
-The boxing ring stage looks like we'll be seeing Little Mac.
-Villager's Balloon Fight hat makes it safe to assume the Balloon Fighter won't be around.
-Rush is in Coil mode in all screens of him, so I assume he's Megaman's third jump.
-Megaman uses weapons from games that weren't even on Nintendo systems (Sword Man)
-Skyward Sword level.
-3DS version has a NSMB Wii U stage.
-Samus is using some crazy move in one of her screenshots that I don't recognize. (Last Wii U one)
-It looks like you can kick up grass and stuff. (Bowser screens)
-There's a new swirly symbol in the middle of a lot of stages.
-Looks like there's a Colosseum level. Did the new Kid Icarus have a colosseum?
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As hype as I am (because I was so hype for brawl and it was so amazing when I got it) I'm really hoping it'll actually be a good fighter as well (unlike brawl).
I mean it'll be fun regardless. But it'd be cool if it had as much competitive viability as like, melee.

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(06-11-2013, 10:22 AM)Goombaking123 Wrote: Yellow Devil boss battle at the end
Subspace is back

I hope to god you're wrong because I want to see a brand new adventure mode with out of this based both on Melee and Brawl. (Mostly Melee)

None of this story bullshit.
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I hope the story mode is as fun as subspace embassy was
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Honestly I'm more hyped than ever about this smash bros because it seems like it has a lot more going for it than Brawl ever had.

Also it seems like the gameplay is a bit faster so I'm wondering what I can expect from this installment.
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Luckily the only part of the scream that didn't freeze on me Smile

My thoughts:
I love how Pikachu looks now~ Closer to his Pokepark/X&Y appearance.
The 3DS toon outline shell was a turn off to me a first, but I think I can grow to like it.
The Wii U version looks amazing! All the shaders and high quality models look great for smash bros.
The villager part at the beginning confused me for a minute lol.
I've never played an animal crossing game, so I have no opinion on him.
The style of the game is a lot cartoonier than brawl; which I kinda like.
I have never played a Megaman game, so, again, I have no opinion.
I do, however, love Megaman's music. So I'm happy he's here this time around.
(Speculating that Jigglypuff will have a fairy type move)

Can't wait for more info~
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I thought the game play looked a little bit faster than brawls.

-Nes Megaman and AC Villager
-I see Tom Nook as a DLC perhaps.
-Yellow Devil is a boss.
-can't wait to see SS Zelda.

nice additions overall.

Anyone think they are going to change Fox's look more???
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(06-11-2013, 10:26 AM)Tonberry2k Wrote: -Looks like there's a Colosseum level. Did the new Kid Icarus have a colosseum?

I believe that's arena ferox from awakening.
After chatting with some friends, there's a theory the new arena stage might be Arena Ferox from FE:A. A few of those screens give a decent view of a few of the audience, and I think I see a few fire emblem units here.
There's also a nintendogs stage.

It's unlikely that the nintendogs stage means anything more (I wonder if its just DESTRACTING BACKGROUND stage, or if there's actually hazards),
but if I'm right, the rather obvious new/replacement FE character is a little more obvious. (Might be a twist if they use both Marths through a wario like reskin)
But likely Ike's getting replaced by Chrom.

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on a scale of 1-10 how angry would you be if they got rid of trophy collecting?

I would cry if it happened, curious to know what everyone else thinks.
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(06-11-2013, 11:35 AM)Viiper Wrote: how angry would you be if they got rid of trophy collecting?

I won't

I care more about playing the game than collecting crap.
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