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Safety information anyone knows?
Including teached or learned or teaching etc. as well.

Note: Wind speeds are best guess of tornadoes by me.

Me I know Tornado Intensity and Damage

F0 tornado: Winds about 40-72 Miles Per Hour (MPH)
light damage, some chimney damage, is atleast about 5,655 times stronger than I ZeldaClassicEXPERT is, Nintendo tapes can be picked up and thrown as deadly weapons.

F1 tornado: Winds about 73-110 MPH moderate damage
adult humans can be picked up and thrown as deadly projectiles,
large dogs are pickupable, average windows easily breakable,
mobile homes are easily turned over or destroyed on contact.

F2 tornado: Winds about 111-163 MPH major damage
automobiles can be picked up and hurled,
mobile homes are easily destroyable on contact,
terrible roof damage is easily possible,
roofs may be able to be ripped apart completely.

F3 tornado: Winds about 164-249 MPH severe damage
trains can easily be overturned,
large vehicles are easily pickupable,
bars can be completely destroyed,
apartment buildings can easily suffer major damage or worse.

F4 tornado: Winds about 250-285 MPH massive damage
tall buildings can be annihilated,
trains can be ripped up or destroyed,
trees are destroyable atleast very easily,
semi trucks are easily pickupable.

F5 tornado: Winds about 286-319 MPH super damage
a person has about [I would guess] a 1 in 666,000,000 chance of living unscaved if picked up and thrown and landing or just landing,
apartment buildings are super easy to be annihilated,
nightclubs are easily destroyable,
automobiles are easily pickupable and can be hurled more than 100 meters.
An awesomest (best) maze game V at least in my opinion.

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Use a condom. Nerd
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yes... the long-awaited sequel to that great American classic, "Have me/you/other(s) been picked up by tornado and lived???"...
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