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TSR COMPO 16:a change of scenery
Since Virtuaboy didn't do anything about it, I was put in charge of the next compo! So This time its about scenery,

make your or another person's Ref in a situation involving the setting they are in like excavating the pyramids or getting chased by natives in a jungle

There are no size or palette restrictions for this compo, but the entry must have both a sprite of
your chosen ref AND a background to accompany it

you should have your submission in by March 27th

EDIT: Date moved to the 27th due to lack of submissions
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obligatory uncreative submission
I know the due date has been extended, but since there's been no response at all I don't think anyone's working on anything. Thus, I'd like to move on.
Please also remember this thread if you feel like checking out past tSRCompo themes.
I'd like to thank Hiyna for coming up with a theme nonetheless. :-)
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