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tSR Compo Vol. 11: Neko's Challenge - VOTING
(12-15-2012, 11:36 AM)NICKtendo DS Wrote: Since I've created a competition before, I'll leave this to my fictional buddy, Neko the Bouncy Cat.

Neko: Nya!

"Ladies and Gentlecats, it's time to go feline!
Create a custom sprite of an original or existing feline character. It can be a cat-girl, a realistic cat or a cute anthro kitty like me! That's the only rule! Go nuts!"

You've heard the cat. This compo's theme is 'cats'.
You have until December 29th. Let end this year with cats! Meow!

Can we agree on not using oversized canvases next time please, yes? :>

This time we'll have names and private voting again since last time didn't turn out well for some odd reasons I don't understand. :<
Thanked by: Garamonde, NICKtendo DS
Voting is over!

The winner is Previous with 1000000000 votes!


Jokes aside, the winner of 2012's final tSR compo is Virtuaboy123 (5), followed by Zac (4) and Previous (2)!
Thanks to everyone who participated!

However most people didn't even finish thiers Sad
[Image: mugen.gif][Image: 41583772.gif]

Love Gotta Have it:
Thanked by: Zac, Baegal

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