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[Read!] Spriting & Pixel Art Rules
The Universal Rules apply.
By posting in or opening a thread on these forums, you acknowledge these rules and guidelines and agree with what they state.

Spriting & Pixel Art Rules

1. Board purpose

This forum is mainly to help people to improve and develop as spriters / pixel artists. Furthermore, it serves as a form of quality control for those who intend to submit custom sprites to the tSR website. Here, you can show your pixel works in order to get comments and criticism. Feel free to help others with advice and your opinion.

2. Be friendly and polite

While you're encouraged to share your opinion, don't get upset when someone decides not to follow your criticism. Likewise, you shouldn't get upset when you disagree with the comments and criticism you receive. Keep agressions at a minimum. The general guideline applies: If you feel offended, make use of the report system to contact staff instead of picking a fight. Moreover, if you have nothing of value to add, rather leave a topic alone instead of making insulting remarks.

3. Offer your advice and criticism in a proper way

Aside from being polite, it's also important to be understandable. Keep in mind not everyone is familiar with all the pixel art specific terms. While we do have a Spriting Dictionary topic, it's never wrong to explain your points in more detail, especially when helping newcomers and beginners. Try to keep your advice simple and clear.

4. About custom sprites & edits

The boards are mainly meant for custom sprites. You also are allowed to post sprite edits and recolours. However, don't be surprised when you don't receive the comments you expect. Most people prefer to offer their help on custom work so chances are the only answer you will get is that (and in the best case, why) you should make custom sprites instead.
Again, stay friendly and calm when explaining why splices, recolours and edits are discouraged. If someone insists on making them, let them.
Sprite showcase threads are also allowed, however if you appear to block all criticism, you may end up not getting any replies. Note that criticism doesn't necessarily need to be applied to the current piece, but can also be applied to future work only.

5. Images & attachments

In order to show your sprites, upload the image file to an image hoster (like Imgur, Minus, Dropbox or one of the countless others). You can also use the attachment field of the new post box. You can embed your image by using IMG tags (example below). For really large images (like ones that stretch the page), it's advisable to put them in SPOILER tags.

6. Sprite Discussion Threads

To prevent drowning out other people's threads and to reduce the general topic chaos, users are encouraged to use general sprite threads for their creations instead of creating a new thread for every single sprite they make. Note that this doesn't mean you should use someone elses sprite thread to discuss your sprites, which on the contrary is prohibited unless it is an open project or event.
If your last sprite thread is rather old, feel free to make a new one instead of bumping it if you prefer that. However if it is quite fresh, please re-use it instead of opening another one!
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Added rule #6 to clarify that point. Having one topic for all your sprites helps keeping the board clean and aside of that offers a nicer way to browse through your works.
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