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TSR COMPO 10: Scrooge is my Homeboy - VOTING
(11-27-2012, 02:42 PM)Sevenstitch Wrote: Christmas is close for most, and whenever the holiday draws near, I watch all of my childhood favorite movies. I love seeing my favorite characters again. You know, like the Grinch, The Boogie Man, and of course Mr. Scrooge.
I like the bad guys, is that wrong? They all share a common trait, they are all greedy.

The goal this week is to design a main character sprite. The catch? The character must be the embodiment of greed.

Compo prerequisites

+one sprite, any dimensions
+16 colors max palette
+must be an animated pose or action, minimum of 4 frames required

The character itself only needs to adhere to the palette, but it would be appreciated if any colors used for background or other sprite elements be put in a separate palette, which also must only be 16 colors max. so I suppose you have two palettes to work from, but only one may be used on the main character itself. Any cross-palette funny business will forfeit your entry.

I understand that some designs might not scream "I'm a greedy guy," so please tell us a little about your entry so voters can have a little perspective on the character. Your character can be anything you want, a robber, a thief, investment banker, you name it. Just so long as they are all about the money. Also, the animation can be whatever you like, an Idle pose, an attack, jump roping, it's your choice.

As Gors has pointed out a few posts down,
Quote:This challenge is not mainly pixelart; it is more a challenge to test your character design abilities, so look for a bunch of references of greedy traits, their symbolisms and colors, posing etc.
this pretty much sums up the heart of this compo.

Get voting!

This time, we're following two suggestions that have been made a few times: No names next to the entries, but therefore public voting (when you vote, others will be able to see what you voted for). Let's just try how that goes.
Thanked by: Garamonde
And sometime later, I think the next round should be the payoff bonus round, to see what we have learned from the previous 10 rounds in a single mockup.
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Thanked by: Gaia, Previous, Garamonde
This round's winner is NICKtendo DS with ten votes. The second place goes to Gaia with three votes.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Special thanks go to Alphabet-Man, who couldn't finish his entry in time but certainly learned something in the process.

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