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Help? trying to rip a psp model.
I'm trying to rip a model from the psp game Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission. (or SaruSaru Daisakusen)
I've tried using noesis to get the models, but the .lsz files that contain everything just wont decompile or export or whatever.
So anyone know how i could be able to export the stuff out of the .lsz files or any other psp method? from what ive read on the other forum on here there's no current program that will rip both the models and the textures.
The models in this game look way better than any other ape escape game ive played, and also it has all the characters from every ape escape game, not to mention ps2 games,from what ive gathered, are very difficult to rip models from
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Well, I don't know of any tools that can extract the models from the .lsz, but JPCSP has a feature that allows you to rip the models and textures that are on screen like 3D Ripper DX and printscreen can do.

When your playing the game with JPCSP, you can goto "File>Export 3D scene (Wavefront .obj/.mtl)". It will dump everything to a folder called
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