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9 years old
Looking for any particular records Smug
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I'm ordering some Blues Brothers and Johnny Cash ones, but if you have any suggestions I'd appreciate it Wink
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My dad turned me onto Molly Hatchet, Flirtin With Disaster is a friggin classic, and he had a few Led Zeppelin albums so I clutched onto those. One band he showed me that was pretty cool was Iron Butterfly. They were a prog rock band from the 70's and had this one album called In-a-gadda-da-vida or something like that, and he'd tell me how they play it while DJ's would go take a shit since it was one side with a few songs and In-a-gadda-da-vida the song was around 20 minutes, with a HUGE drum solo. I really liked it, so I recommend it to others now.
The website is a great place to look for records, I've boughten a few from there, no hitches, sellers were fast with delivery and really cooperative. And you can post your collection, and it'll keep tabs on what it's worth and stuff. Nifty website that one of my friends who's the master Vinyl Junkie showed me when I was just getting into vinyl.
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An actual ford model A?

Like, you can climb into and drive it kind of ford model A (provided any and necessary parts are included and functional)?

Wow, that's cool!
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A car for your birthday... now that's a gift.
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(11-29-2012, 02:24 PM)Kitsu Wrote: May eye ask what happened to robos 1-8?

I always figured 1-8 were just differently programmed human-hating pricks like Robo's brothers from Chrono Trigger. All samey and boring and "hey let's throw our bro into a disassembler".

In any case, happy birthday, Robo9!
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(11-29-2012, 10:14 PM)Mighty Jetaku Wrote: A car for your birthday... now that's a gift.

my parents LET me buy a car for my birthday : )

anyway happybirthday post those car pics up dude
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Happy Botday [robo9] [robo18]!
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(11-29-2012, 09:11 PM)[robo9•2] Wrote: So I managed to get a record player and a mother fucking 1929 Ford Model A

Jesus whoa
are you serious?
that's crazy

What kind of record player?
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Here's pictures of the Model A, spoilered because they're rather large

The last picture is the gas tank and my makeshift gas gauge. It has a 350 engine, and unfortunately a ridiculously large turning radius. It's hard to park, especially since I've been driving a mini cooper for the past few months.
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hbd robo
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Shit Robo.

I didn't know you were a Vietnam Veteran
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I'm late, but happy birthday
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for a second I thought your car was that pickup in the background
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