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This thread is for eliminated players, and people who aren't playing, to post in. People still in the game should not post in this thread, and conversely, eliminated players and non-players shouldn't post in the game thread. Thanks!

Game thread is here.
Signup thread is here.

To all dead players: Please, do NOT reveal game information that was not known publicly before your death. This goes for this specific thread and just in general. Thank you for playing, and better luck next time!
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Huh, this is a really cool idea. I've never heard of this before, but so far I like the idea.
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Well, that was interesting.

ok..this thread is for people who arent playing (yet)?
Well then i think ill post some arguments

First off

This is what Sol wrote:
Day 1

Sol appeared at the board index as members gathered around the area.

"Well, it's about that time. For some reason it feels like it took a lot longer than usual, but have you made your choice?"

Tellis stepped forward. "We don't really have anything to go on, so most of us don't want to ban anyone today. Why make a shot in the dark when it could be some regular member we're getting rid of?"

"Unless it's YOU." From amidst the crowd, Keiang appeared. "How do we even know we can trust you? What if you've been one of them this whole time?! HUH?!" A couple of other people murmured in agreement. Sol's eyes narrowed.

"I'm trying to HELP you. You think you stand a chance out there, with all those terrible posters? You can you can save this place all by yourselves? NO. I'm all you've got! Don't you know what'll happen if this place is destroyed? Don't you care? We won't have any other choice...but to probably go somewhere else. Is that what you WANT? Is it? I think all of you should seriously think about what it is you're trying to accomplish, here. See you tomorrow.

A flash of light, and Sol's image blipped away

In this event only two people talked,

Tellis and Keiang

Now, I think Sol would have made one of them is a werewolf, it'll just make the script much more interesting. Well just think about it. If he made one of them a werewolf it would spice things up... Think of Lawrence Wargrave in And Then There Were None.

When the contest started Sol must have given out the roles right? Well Keiang was the last to sign up, he would have received the much less chance to get the role werewolf since Sol would probably give it to the first 10 or so people. But not the last one... I think Keiang is innocent and that Tellis is evil...

I aI hope Im not sounding too confusing here
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I suspect Sol would have waited until everyone had signed up and then assigned the roles at random, rather than assigning them as we go. As for Keiang, I think he was only mentioned because he was the first to try voting for Sol.

On another note, I'll happily moderate another game when this one is over. I've been meaning to try out my writing skills again on something, but had not much opportunity to do it, plus I have a couple of ideas on how to make it a sequel story to the current one, regardless of the outcome of the game.
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Welp, I'm dead. Hopefully they'll bother investigating everyone who voted for me. Especially since I was trying to get attention as part of a martyr gambit.
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You did a good job in that game, Keiang. Very well played.
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I still don't understand why people are confused by me voting Kat. I did it to see how people would react and get information based on that. I was going to pull out my vote anyway sooner or later. It wasn't just HEY IT'S KAT, LET'S KILL HER.
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I was close to figuring out one of the shitposters too.
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I should've stalled the night, I figured this might happen. Oh well.
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So I guess the whole martyr gambit didn't work on account people couldn't make up their damn minds. I guess I'll just avoid being a team player next time.
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No, being a team is the best way to win, but the Werewolves got to everyone who spoke their minds.
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Uh, not supposed to be giving away stuff like that, Zabadaben.
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Sorry about that Sol, I wasn't sure which part you meant, so I removed both.
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Well fuck. Although I'm amazed I did make it as long as I did. But there's what, 9 innocents left now? I wonder how long it takes before it becomes a flip a coin and shoot kind of deal

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