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Looking for Melbourne-based High-Detail Sprite Artist
Calling all artists!
DapperChap Studios is looking for casual freelance artists to come lend a hand with our first game, RageQuit: Tactics.

About RageQuit
RageQuit: Tactics is a hold-the-line type defence game which takes place in a stylized near-future setting. The game’s primary design focus is on creating deep, replayable gameplay with a flexible learning curve tailored to both casual and core gamers.

Our primary platforms are iOS and Android, however we are developing RageQuit in the Unity3D game engine, which will not only allow rapid development but will also make the game deployable to iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and even Flash.

We are currently at a proof of concept build which demonstrates bare-bones gameplay. We can send this build (or whatever proper title it has) to interested applicants, however the build is pre-alpha so it isn’t ready to be shown to the public just yet.

About us
DapperChap Studios is a small group of university students and recent graduates who are looking to put our diverse range of skills towards a common project. Something we can all point to in a job interview and say “I did that!”

Jack Arnold: Project Lead

Jack is a project manager by trade, and recently completed his bachelor’s degree in game design. Jack is responsible for managing members, but has also contributed to every aspect of the game, from mechanical design, to programming.

Lead Programmer: Bradley Twiddell

Bradley has been doing the bulk of the programming for RageQuit since the project first began, and is a current double-degree student in computer science and mechatronics.

Programmer: Mark McLaughlin
Mark is currently being brought up to speed to assist Brad in programming while university is so hectic. He is currently studying programming at university.

Community Manager: Katy Binstead
Katy is the primary point of contact for DapperChap Studios, and manages affairs with the community.

Business & Marketing: Marlee Coates
Marlee is a current business student at university, and will handle the business and sales side of the project once it is ready for release.

The skills we need

High-Detail Sprite Artist
A sprite artist will help to provide us with animated character sprite sheets, which must:
- conform to resolution & colour depth standards
- conform to style standards/concept reference images
- be animated in 8 directions for movement, and 16 directions for shooting
Please note that we are not looking for a pixel artist. Pixel art is awesome, but it doesn’t fit with the art style we have in mind.

Terrain Texture Artist
A terrain artist will help to provide us with overlapping (layered) terrain textures to generate our environments. We are looking for a terrain style similar to Age of Empires: Online with a nice inky look to it, however as no assets are currently generated, we could be persuaded otherwise if you have a cool style you can talk us into.
Assets we will require include:
- defensive structures (sandbags, trenches, etc. A list will be sent to successful applicants)
- environmental objects (trees, rocks, craters, etc. A list will be sent to successful applicants).
- terrain textures (grass, sand, mud etc.)
Note: All assets must be at a ¾ perspective at a consistent angle, with a consistent style.

Why work with DapperChap?
Working in game development is a fairly thankless job, however there are those of us who know that there are games to be made, and we just gotta be a part of it! If you are someone who feels this way, read on.
There seems to be a catch 22 when it comes to breaking into the games industry. Even entry-level positions require that you have shipped titles under your belt. If you’re sceptical of this, just hop onto the Gamasutra job board and see for yourself. This barrier to entry is why we are creating this game. For developers, this is a chance for skilled students and hobbyists to cooperate on a project and get their first commercially shipped title under their belt. While yes, we are all planning on releasing this game and making it as profitable as possible, realistically, the financial gain on this project is hardly going to make anybody rich.
There is a profit-share scheme in place, but those motivated by the money need not apply.
For those of you who are looking for an active project with the programming, management, and marketing expertise in place to get the project finished and out to the public, send an expression of interest to along with a copy of (or link to) an example of your work.

Thanks for reading,
-Jack Arnold, Project Lead.
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99% Recruitment, 1% Game info. Closing this as our GameDev section is supposed to be about games, not requests.
Besides chances you find someone meeting your requirements here are about zero.
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