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My best handmade sheet ever!
[Image: sorasheet.png] This took me forever to make. And Im working on the expanded weapons and extras to go with it.
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pretty freaking awesome, i've been trying to make tiny sora sprites for years
This is my grandson. You two have been rivals since you were babies. ...What's his name again?
Oh yeah, Gary. Sorry, my memory hasn't been the same since I got addicted to Crystal Meth.
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Where have I seen those heads before?
[Image: 27348983yu7.png]
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The head looks familiar and don't add uneccesary objects not related to the sheet's topic ("Master Sword lol").

The slash looks awful and rushed. Shade it and don't outline the afterimage of the keyblade.

The animations look very stiff. Not much life is given to him as his side pose doesn't change or does so all too slightly.

Thunder is nice, but you might want to make it 100% from scratch, otherwise it's an edit.

Fire looks bad. There're are only three colors, which is okay, but you don't use them well. It looks pillowed and uninspired. Something from an old DOS game.
God is good.  Big Grin

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Blizzaga all of the spells need better shading. You should've put this under sprite disscussion first. And you still have to make an icon if you plan on submitting it.
[Image: 14.gif]
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