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Custom FFTA Sprite: Hume Red Mage
When I realized that there was no Hume Red Mage class after buying this game in a pawn shop, I decided to make a spritesheet of one! This was done using video game creation software with a graphic editing program which is paint with 2-3 extra features, none of which was using transparency, or selecting non-rectangular regions. As such, trying to edit that hat on the archer portrait to make it look like a RM was annoying as heck. I apologize that it still has long hair, with the skills/program I have, I would ruin the pics if I attempted it. And yes, the RM is now wearing pants. I hope you like it!

Note to whoever handles submissions: It is a Custon sprite, but it is based off a particular game: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, so I wasn't sure where it went. And the sheet on this site where I got the portrait from did say I can do whatever I wanted with it if I gave credit, so I think this falls into that category. Also, this was not as easy as it looked, I worked hours on this.
And if you pull the "Has to be ripped yourself" card on me, that's ok...

I have an emulator and a LEGAL rom since I own the game already, and I can just rip them myself and redo the changes.

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Actually custom sprites are allowed, but the only rule is that the character being custom sprited has to come from a game. If the character is not from a game, then the sheet will be rejected from tSR.

Anyways I like the idea of a human Red Mage, but you're using a male Red Mage mugshot. The sprites still look feminine. You should consider making a Sprite Discussion thread to get more feedback on this sheet. In fact it may do you good to always use the Sprite Discussion board first before making anymore submissions to tSR.
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I'd need someone to help if I'd have any chance to remove the hair. That's really all it needs to look more Male.
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Stop with the Necro posting. Read the rules!
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