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Mod.Gen isn't dead!
(04-27-2012, 11:36 PM)Deebs Wrote: MFZ is the most active place for Mod. Gen. I try to come in here and keep people updated, but I'm not always the best at that. I apologize for that. Everyone here is just as important as anyone at MFZ, I just don't come here often.

Unfortunately MFZ isn't accepting new registrations.
So I'll wait. Thanks anyways

I guess Mystic Forest Sprites is closed, MFZ is open
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I needed to fix the join link at the page, fixing now. Thanks, and hope to see you at MFZ soon!
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I don't really know whether I need to notify anyone but I have joined this project, thorugh TSR, as InfinityAlex.
Just to tell y'all.
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Since the MFZ isn't going to be revived any time soon, does this mean the Modern Generation/Genesis Project has been canceled?
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Considering that the majority of the project's manpower came from MFZ (and perhaps too, that the projects and their contributors were getting pretty tired, aswell as few and far between as time went on), and that those who you could consider the 'leaders' are busy dealing with life, you could say it has been put on indefinite hold. And to be honest even when it was still MFS, contribution and interest had been declining for awhile.

Add to all that, Deebs hasn't logged onto TSR (or, now, VG-resource) since December of last year, I'd say it's, perhaps, off her priority list of things to do. Maybe it'll get picked up again by others in the future. There's surely no small amount of resources regarding creating sprites in the Modern Genesis style.

Or you know, I can not be a derp and just link the Mod-gen archive itself. Deebs posted last month and that should explain some things. (Though I still stand by most of what I said in the rest of the post.)
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I really, really, REALLY hope this project ain't dead, because I was going to use the classic sprites for my hack, Sonic 2: Titanium Upgrade. Someone please give some sort of update as to what's going on. Very Sad
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