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"The Simpsons" Finally Gets the Axe
First, here's the whole money dispute, if you're not filled in:

Over the past few days, however, FOX has found Simpsons to no longer be financially viable, leading to this:

Basically, it's come down to this:
a)If the voice actors DO take a paycut, it'll survive for one more season
b)IF they DON'T take a paycut, THIS season will be the last

Thoughts on this, tSR? Myself: IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME. The show turned seriously bad in 2004, and in my opinion, it only got worse.
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eh, I don't really watch the Simpsons, but it'll be weird not having it around any more
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Personally, I think the new episodes are pretty terrible. I just saw the most recent one with Bart being taught by Chalmers, and quite honestly that was one of the weakest episodes I've ever seen.

It'll be sad to see the Simpsons finally being canned, but it's lost so much of its charm that it would be better to see it put down than to be pushed even further.

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This is the sixth time this shit happens, Fox will give in, they'll not cancel the show
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I hope they do
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Thread topic is now almost worthless.

This issue is over as of a half hour or so ago.

Simpsons renewed for 2 more seasons.
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talk about zombies.
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Itt I'd feel better knowing that the series finally gets canned.

By the time season 9 came the show should have been axed. That isn't to say all new episodes are terrible but still.
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This was long overdue

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it will never end

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(10-07-2011, 10:51 PM)Orgasm33 Wrote: it will never end

good things need to die eventually, other wise they end up being shit.

At least the guys who did king of the hill realized that and managed to keep the show decent for like what, 13 seasons?

I'll always have a place for the simpsons, but only for the older seasons. Give it the red light already and put the final nail in it's coffin.
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