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A hypothetical thingy thread
Vicious and cunning aliens are coming to take over the spriting community of earth, but they suck horribly at art. To fix this problem, they're going to suck the talent from a random group of artists (Like in that one movie)...

For whatever reason, YOU are one of the selected artists, but luckily Buggs Bunny (or some non copyrighted equivalent) has given you a magic paint brush - allowing you to bring JUST ONE of your (or anyones) sprites to life.

What sprite do you choose to defend yourself?

I'll go with the fett man, as I think he's the toughest in my folder right now. [Image: 9lh2ya.png]
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[Image: lA3rj.png]

If it was finished I'd make it swim into space before the aliens even got here
[Image: sxv5uJR.gif]
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Okay, that is epic XD

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[Image: gurrenlagannproject.gif]
no motherfucking question
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[Image: 8PE9P.png]

This guy wouldn't take any shit from no aliens.

I still need to finish this at some point..
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[Image: 2cg0711.png]

Aliens are no problem for Metroid and his awesome suit~
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