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VVVVVV (for a second there I know you thought this was spam)
I recently got the Humble Indie Bundle and fell in love with VVVVVV so I made it my second Sprite ripping project. (my first was for a small GM game that I will probably never finish)

So far it's mostly just tiles and some enemies but progress is being made every day.

This is what I have so far.
[Image: VVVVVV.png]

[Image: VVVVVVEnemies.png]
Saved as .png for utmost quality. Right now there a little unorganized but that will be fixed for the final release.

I'd like it if anyone could give me some pointers as this is the first time I've gone public with a ripped sprite sheet. I also wouldn't mind some help as ripping from screen shot can be quit bothersome at times. (e.g. the Checkpoint animation, still not sure if I got all the frames...)

EDIT: Herp derp I never did the trinket animation.
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I didn't believe this was an official game at first, I had to look it up.

Seeing as it's an official flash game, it might be accepted, IDK though that's up to the mods to decide.
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You might have to decompile the SWF... Doing so gives you raw access to all the PNGs and whatnot used in the game.
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There is only the .exe and the numerous .vvvvvv files that make up the levels made via the in game editor. (which makes my job slightly easier but lacks some elements)

While there may be a flash version mine is a .exe from Steam.

EDIT: FML. Well it seems I was looking in the wrong folder. I found a different folder labeled VVVVVV that contains all the graphics minus the color effects for the trinkets, checkpoints, etc.

The question now is if it's worth it to still make a sheet as I would basically just be taking everything and laying it out in a more common format rather then the compact sheet the games uses. And of course I might be able to make a pallet for the trinket flashes if I use animeget. (which I didn't want to do before because wading through thousands of .bmp's is more annoying then using screenshots but it seems to be the only surefire way)
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Try opening the .exe as an archive and extract its contents if possible, using 7-Zip.
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Never mind. After looking through the .png's in the folder I realized that an effect must have been used for some graphics such as the text boxes. I'll add the things I found and continue by adding the things that an effect was used for.
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