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Norway Attacks
(07-25-2011, 04:22 PM)Tachikoma Wrote:
That's pretty scary, from the little I read. So now we have to worry about Christian extremists aswell as Muslim extremists, with us in the crossfire. Damn.
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(07-25-2011, 02:17 PM)Chris2Balls [:B] Wrote: Apparently Breivik owned a farm, which enabled him to procure the chemicals necessary for the bomb without arousing suspicion.
He was also a member of a shooting club, which means he had the ability to wield firearms.

He actually set up a farming business purely to acquire the goods. He wasn't really a farmer. He just registered a business and made a website to make his story believable when purchasing explosives. Same goes for the hunting thing. It's all in that blog he wrote.
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I've been reading parts of his manifesto.

"Women shouldn't be allowed to serve in the armed forces or become police officers, because women are physically and mentally inferior (About 20-30%)"
"Playing Modern Warfare is a good alternative to actual firearms training"

He just might be insane after all.
They covered the manifesto on the news yesterday, just as I was taking my lunch break.

That was just frightening Sad

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guess what

yeah, our faboulous news reporters found out he had chilean relatives. and that was pretty much all the coverage or the main coverage they gave on the subject on 2/3 of the newspapers.
I also heard he got sort of inspired by the Dutch PVV (Partij Voor de Vrijheid, translation: Party For the Freedom), which openly calls against the Islam. What makes this all hilarious (for the lack of a better word) is that Geert Wilders, party leader, never even saw this coming. Everybody in the Netherlands could see this shit coming at one point in time. It all really baffles me.
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Rest in Peace, all those that has been killed in Norway attacks. I still cannot believe how someone like him would be so cold blooded to do an act like that. Good thing he has been captured.
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