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Spy vs. Spy NES Version -----> Ripping Projects
Hello fellow Spriters and Rippers! I have just joined the Spriter community and I noticed that there is no category for Spy vs Spy NES sprites. I can't get all of them by myself, so i am requesting help with all of this. Smile Please help! I will get as much as i can! I will get the room and map sprites if possible Smile


Lucarios FTW! SmileSmileSmileSmileSmilePokemonPokemonPokemon

Pokemon FTW!
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Well.... before I decide to help. Tell us what YOU got. Smile
Some old GIFs I made that I used as avatars on forums (mostly wouldn't have been possible without Spriters Resource and affiliates).
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No actual planned rips. Just random whatevers.
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aka hi I joined just to request and I don't have 20 posts yet

You can't request with less than 20 posts, and it's clear you are wanting others to rip for you. Thread locked.
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