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What is your favorite physical characteristic of the Buddha?
Buddha is typically regarded as a very beautiful man according to all standards of beauty and aesthetics. There's no wonder he achieved Nirvana when he did not need to care for his own appearance, the stifling insecurity of many. Very beautiful, all his mind had to focus on was the mind, or rather something transcending even the mind. After all, there is no concept of the Self in Buddhism, with the consciousness's own existence even being questionable, only acknowledged for convenience. His characteristics are well-documented in the Thirty-two Characteristics of a Great Man. What's your favorite characteristic of the beautiful Buddha, more beautiful than the Godhead Himself?

  1. Level feet
  2. Thousand-spoked wheel sign on feet
  3. Long, slender fingers
  4. Pliant hands and feet
  5. Toes and fingers finely webbed
  6. Full-sized heels
  7. Arched insteps
  8. Thighs like a royal stag
  9. Hands reaching below the knees
  10. Well-retracted male organ
  11. Height and stretch of arms equal
  12. Every hair-root dark colored
  13. Body hair graceful and curly
  14. Golden-hued body
  15. Ten-foot aura around him
  16. Soft, smooth skin
  17. Soles, palms, shoulders, and crown of head well-rounded
  18. Area below armpits well-filled
  19. Lion-shaped body
  20. Body erect and upright
  21. Full, round shoulders
  22. Forty teeth
  23. Teeth white, even, and close
  24. Four canine teeth pure white
  25. Jaw like a lion
  26. Saliva that improves the taste of all food
  27. Tongue long and broad
  28. Voice deep and resonant
  29. Eyes deep blue
  30. Eyelashes like a royal bull
  31. White ūrṇā curl that emits light between eyebrows
  32. Fleshy protuberance on the crown of the head

There are also 80 more characteristics! What a wonderful! If only we could all be so beautiful as the venerable Buddha!

  1. He has beautiful fingers and toes.
  2. He has well-proportioned fingers and toes.
  3. He has tube-shaped fingers and toes.
  4. His fingernails and toenails have a rosy tint.
  5. His fingernails and toenails are slightly upturned at the tip.
  6. His fingernails and toenails are smooth and rounded without ridges.
  7. His ankles and wrists are rounded and undented.
  8. His feet are of equal length.
  9. He has a beautiful gait, like that of a king-elephant.
  10. He has a stately gait, like that of a king-lion.
  11. He has a beautiful gait, like that of a swan.
  12. He has a majestic gait, like that of a royal ox.
  13. His right foot leads when walking.
  14. His knees have no protruding kneecaps.
  15. He has the demeanor of a great man.
  16. His navel is without blemish.
  17. He has a deep-shaped abdomen.
  18. He has clockwise marks on the abdomen.
  19. His thighs are rounded like banana sheaves.
  20. His two arms are shaped like an elephant's trunk.
  21. His skin is thick or thin as it should be.
  22. His skin is unwrinkled.
  23. His body is spotless and without lumps.
  24. His body is unblemished above and below.
  25. His body is absolutely free of impurities.
  26. He has no right elbow.
  27. He has a protruding nose.
  28. His nose is well proportioned.
  29. His upper and lower lips are equal in size and have a rosy tint.
  30. His teeth are unblemished and with no plaque.
  31. His teeth are long like polished conches.
  32. His teeth are smooth and without ridges.
  33. His five sense-organs are unblemished.
  34. His four canine teeth are crystal and rounded.
  35. His face is long and beautiful.
  36. His cheeks are radiant.
  37. The lines on his palms are deep.
  38. The lines on his palms are long.
  39. The lines on his palms are straight.
  40. The lines on his palms have a rosy tint.
  41. His body emanates a halo of light extending around him for two meters.
  42. His cheek cavities are fully rounded and smooth.
  43. His eyelids are well proportioned.
  44. The five nerves of his eyes are unblemished.
  45. The tips of his bodily hair are neither curved nor bent.
  46. He has a rounded tongue.
  47. His tongue is soft and has a rosy-tint.
  48. His ears are long like lotus petals.
  49. His earholes are beautifully rounded.
  50. His sinews and tendons don't stick out.
  51. His sinews and tendons are deeply embedded in the flesh.
  52. His topknot is like a crown.
  53. His forehead is well-proportioned in length and breadth.
  54. His forehead is rounded and beautiful.
  55. His eyebrows are arched like a bow.
  56. The hair of his eyebrows is fine.
  57. The hair of his eyebrows lies flat.
  58. He has large brows.
  59. His brows reach the outward corner of his eyes.
  60. His skin is fine throughout his body.
  61. His whole body has abundant signs of good fortune.
  62. His body is always radiant.
  63. His body is always refreshed like a lotus flower.
  64. His body is exquisitely sensitive to touch.
  65. His body has the scent of sandalwood.
  66. His body hair is consistent in length.
  67. He has fine bodily hair.
  68. His breath is always fine.
  69. His mouth always has a beautiful smile.
  70. His mouth has the scent of a lotus flower.
  71. His hair has the colour of a dark shadow.
  72. His hair is strongly scented.
  73. His hair has the scent of a white lotus.
  74. He has curled hair.
  75. His hair does not turn grey.
  76. He has fine hair.
  77. His hair is untangled.
  78. His hair has long curls.
  79. He has a topknot as if crowned with a flower garland.
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(07-18-2011, 10:15 PM)thernz Wrote:
  1. Fleshy protuberance on the crown of the head

does this mean a horn
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He has no right elbow
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his hot butt....
(07-18-2011, 10:15 PM)thernz Wrote: [*]Thighs like a royal stag
[*]Hands reaching below the knees
[*]Golden-hued body
[*]Ten-foot aura around him
[*]Lion-shaped body
[*]Saliva that improves the taste of all food
[*]Eyelashes like a royal bull
[*]His hair is strongly scented.

all of these because they scream "human"
Quote:His hair has the colour of a dark shadow.
His hair is strongly scented.
His hair has the scent of a white lotus.
He has curled hair.
His hair does not turn grey.
He has fine hair.
His hair is untangled.
His hair has long curls.
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his well retracted male organ
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brass eyebrowns
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(07-18-2011, 10:15 PM)thernz Wrote: [32.]Fleshy protuberance on the crown of the head
[23.]His body is spotless and without lumps.

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