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A million apologies...
This is obviously Dex, which you could probably tell by reading the topic title. I am duping on an old account I hacked from the ACP to use for random events. Never thought I'd be using it how I'm using it now.

Everything went to shit today. And it's all my fault. As I sit here typing this I'm almost in tears and I cannot believe that what I've done has caused all of this.

I know it's probably impossible to make amends at this point after I've insulted most of Skypecrew more than I should have, but it needs to be done, because I realize that I have made mistakes and if you've ever talked to me one-on-one you'd realize that I want nothing more in this world than the best I can give people. That's why I became admin in the first place.

I will apologize one by one to the members I feel I really need to say something to. I will probably get nothing but "fuck you Dex"'s but it's worth it because I want to say how I truly feel about this. I never wanted anything I said to hurt anyone here and now that it has I feel like I'm nothing but the scourge of the earth and though that may be true I want to show that I am truly sorry for being such a giant fucking cock.

Arkinea-- you're definitely the first person I need to say something to-- I should have never overreacted at your post. It hurts seeing someone so blatantly come off as "not liking you" or thinking you're worthless or whatever. But that didn't give me the right to get mad and delete my up-rep on you that I'd given a long time ago. What happened from there was just a swarm of people not being able to think and doing things before they realized what they'd actually done and said. I do not dislike you. I do not hate you. I do not want any bad blood between us. I am once again completely sorry for everything I said and you have all the reasons in the world to hate me for the rest of forever. I don't want you to, but I cannot change how you feel and if you'd just accept that I at least want to apologize then I would be most happy.

Lord Algony-- you're a cool dude and you just got wrapped up in this because you're friends with Arkinea and I'm sorry for lashing out at you as well-- anger got the best of me. I meant no disrespect to you or any culture by saying the things I said. People say things they don't mean when they're angry, people type them as well. I cannot take them back and all I can do is try and ask for your forgiveness in every piece of shit thing I said. Even if you'd never had seen what I said I would still feel like a horrible douchebag for it and that's what I want you to understand. I never meant to hurt you, to get you involved, or to get anyone involved, really. As with Arkinea, you have all the grounds to dislike me, and that is perfectly acceptable. What I did was dumb, and I will be leaving tSR after this post so things can go back to normal afterwards. I hope you can realize that I am truly sorry and didn't ever want to hurt you. Please.

Gillian-- Most of all, I've had a lot of respect for you my entire time here. We don't always see eye to eye, and that's just how life is- but I had no reason saying anything I said about you or your friends. You are an awesome artist, a really cool person, and you're hilarious most of the time and I love seeing the stuff you post to facebook because it's absolutely glorious most of the time. I am so dumb for saying what I said and you can quote it in your sig for all eternity, just please know that I never meant any harm and that I let my emotions get the best of me. It's happened before, and it will happen again. But I just want you to know that I still like you, respect you, and wish the best for you. I am so sorry once again.

Grooveman-- I kind of talked down to you in the mod forum for what you did and only did something worse in wake of it. I am very sorry and as I said to Gillian I still respect you and wish you the best in life. Please know that I never meant any of this to happen and I hope you can forgive me.

Everyone-- you're all great people and I've enjoyed my time here and I know this thread will probably just be laughed at as an attempt to get on the "good side" again but that's really and genuinely not what I am trying to do. You should all know that I'm a Christian and that I feel horrible for the bad things I do in my life and this is one of them. I only wanted the best for you guys and you got the worst. I am so so so so so so sorry and I take my leave knowing that you guys have a great future ahead of you and you can go on doing what you do happily. Hopefully we all can.

So once again, tSR, I am more sorry than anyone could ever imagine. Nothing like this was supposed to ever happen, and if I could reverse time I would. I never meant to hurt anyone, I never meant to change tSR so drastically. It seems like every time I do something it just goes to hell and I take responsibility for all of my actions and only wish all of you the best life there is to come. And despite what I said, I am not the best member here. I am the worst. Once again, I am sorry. For everything.
too long didnt read, take this shit somewhere else adam

this internet drama bullshit is getting out of hand now, also can someone please post in my game of thrones thread???? surely whoever's left have to had seen it!!!
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you cant tell me how to think, mom!!
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Thinking of you, 
wherever you are.
I love you too Mom

edit: Skeleton, I'll fucking kill you!!!
that's horseshit my mom left 15 years ago
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