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Dragon Warrior Monsters 2
*I'm not sure if this is the correct spot for this thread, but I hope so.

I have almost all the battle animations for this game, but I am having trouble with a few skills because they don't animate when you use them, only when the enemy uses them. I am having trouble piecing together all the animations. If there is someone out there who wants to sheet all the animations then I will happily give you all my rips and gladly give you all the credit.

If you want to rip the missing skills I have codes to help.
20 = FareWell (Not sure if this has a battle animation.)
21 = Antidote
29 = Speed
2D = TwinHits
35 = Ironize
36 = MagicBack
37 = Bounce
38 = Barrier
39 = MagicWall
3A = Transform
3B = BeDragon
8F = Ahhh
90 = WarCry (Not sure if this has a battle animation.)
9B = AquaWall

The numbers next to the skill names are their values. You can find codes at gamefaqs DWM2 board, that I made.

I hope someone can sheet these battle animations, would be a waste to leave them be.
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