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Added security on Registration.
Just thought I should mention that there should be a drop in the number of random spambots we've had as of late, as I've installed a security question on registration.

The questions are very basic, as long as the people joining have a brain. There's 4 questions so far, we might add more later.
Tsunami Bomb - The Simple Truth
We could run away
Leave behind anything paper
Not knowing where we're going to stay
When there's no Mondays

You're part of me, it's so easy to see the simple truth
When I'm in your arms, I feel safe from harm and sorrow too
You're part of me, it's so easy to see the simple truth
But most of all, nothing couldn't be solved when I'm with you
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"How do you spell cat"
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"How's 1+1?"
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"Where do babies come from?"
Discord is Dioshiba#9513
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Do you have stairs in your house?

oh, wait
wrong forum
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What race has control of the world?

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human isn't a race

it's a species
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What is a lie?
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Umm are you serious about the cake? It's pie is a lie.

Cake is better... Sad

EDIT: Hm, I didn't know that about the cake.

Oh well I was just mostly stating I liked cake better.
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Give me my own member group!
megazario Wrote:quite amazing good job make up more keep up the good work
plz dont give me a bad point plz for sounding a bit gay here
Roses are red,
Sonic is... ?
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Question 1: Did your mother ever drop you on your head when you were a baby.
I've made my own Vaati Battle style, I used the original sound effects in the Game, but I used songs I retained from the English Dub of Kirby Right Back at Ya, enjoy.
The Legend of Zelda Four Swords The Great Wind Mage Vaati
The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures The Great Wind Sorcerer Vaati
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Hat is to head. As shoe is to _ _ _ _.
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What gets wet the more it dries?

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Really? Riddles? We aren't trying to put them off joining.
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