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I'm not new, I just changed my username from Quackbillion to fit my name from everywhere else. damn, quackbillion is a terrible name :/

Anyway, this is my new sprite topic.


Jellybean Jungle -
[Image: testz.png]
This is a tileset I made for a friend. I'm pretty proud of it. Tongue
[Image: mockupfornow.png]
I made this mockup before I made the slopes.

Tails Ace Attorneyish
[Image: phoenixtails.png]
Yeah, Tails as a co-council. Not really that AA style, unfortunately, but whatever.

So, yeah, comments would be great. Thanks.
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nothign particulary impresive in anything you shared. you certainly need to work on your palettes as most of them tend to use really dull colors with a typical gradient color ramp based on luminosity.

those tiles are particulary poor desing wise and color wise. i might sugest you to give a good read to this tutorial by gas13 abouttiling and how you can improve them
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