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The Ancient Minister (SSBB)
Well, I'm new here and read all the rules and such, hopefully this is the right place to put this.
From mid-October to mid February of last and this year I made a spritesheet for the Ancient Minister, one of the antagonists of the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros Brawl.
[Image: Ancient-Minister-Spritesheet-Organized.png]
[Image: taunt-1.gif]
Completely custom. The sprites are made for a moveset I created as well, which I can put up if people want.
Originally, I was making this for a super smash bros fangame called Super Smash Bros Crusade, but after I finished, the head developer turned me down (two of the other three developers were all for his inclusion, the fourth didn't care either way but said the sprites needed to be colored a bit better).
Since the fate of his inclusion is currently unknown, I'd like to see if anyone has suggestions on how I can make the sprites better or if anyone would like to use them for something.

(Also, can I put stuff like WIPs in this section too?)
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while you technically put this in the right section, I gotta say those sprites are an eyesore.

the colors are washed out and contrast-less, it is practically unreadable, the lines are carelessly made and the effects are a bunch of MS paint circles. And they don't seem to animate well considering the animation you put.

while I admire your determination, I'm certain no one will use them. We can help you to make it look better, though.

For starters, make a solid lineart, then color/shade it. The animations will look much better if you resprite every frame instead of grabbing the last frame and editing it. Doing so will make the sprites incredibly stiff.
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[Image: deT1vCJ.png]
You might aswell have an effects box to shorten this unnecessarily long sheet since most of the animations are only about 2 pixels different from the last. (Stiff)
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[Image: mousey.gif]
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in other words, this is nothing but the (almost) exact same sprite done over and over. ignoring we all have other stuff to do in out lives besides spriting, i can't believe this could posibly took 4 months to complete.
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I admire your determination in creating a whole sheet. However, the feed-back you have received from the other users is spot on. So I will not echo them in my post.

I encourage you to start over. This time with a better understanding of the problems brought up in this thread.
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i don't believe you can actually improve this, but rather display it. in wich case, everything about it has been said already.

if you have anything else to show here(WIPS are the reason this boards exists, in fact), feel free to share it. otherwise, there is no point in this.
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