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Working on this tree for a personal project that I will share at a later time, currently I'm fleshing it out and having fun molding it. I'm going for a fantasy, green, mossy, enchanted, type tree.
honestly, i didnt expect much of this topic (new guy, wierd title)

but holy dicks i am blown away by thus piece
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reminds me of martin's style
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This is excellent so far, but I can't really give any crits until it's been refined more :<

As it stands, the trunk reminds me of vines rather than bark. This is probably due to the fact that the wood has a smooth shading to it rather than a gritty bark texture, but that's just me nitpicking (and really, the vine feel seems to work for it~)

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(03-09-2011, 10:17 PM)Vipershark Wrote: reminds me of martin's style

It IS Martin.

Dude, your other account is still functional; just use that one. One account per person please, PT Vets or not. Do you want to keep this account or Ccoffee Table?
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Thanks to Pik and Solink; they are sexy people. Heart
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it's nice for what it should be.
i don't know what it is though, the colors look a bit hmm dull?

i wonder how you choose your colors, though. yer fucking awesome.
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That is pretty sexy looking. I dunno what else to say, so, uh, keep up the good work, man!
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I request this thread to be locked please.
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posting in a locked thread

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I've locked it.
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