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The King of Fighters '94
Alright, so after looking at the KOF spritesheets on SR, I figured I would try to bolster it a good deal, starting at the beginning with King of Fighters 94. I always liked that game a lot. I'm gonna try to rip every last sprite I can find.

I'll be using Kawaks for this, since it is the most ripper-friendly emulator for Neo Geo games and Capcom Play System arcade games if you're into that.

I'm gonna be doing characters only, mainly, getting as much extras as I can. If there's any unused sprites of note, feel free to let me know so I can scour them with Kawaks' dip switches option.

Terry Bogard - Up to normal attacks.
Andy Bogard - Not yet
Joe Higashi - Not yet
Ryo Sakazaki - Not yet. Will come after Terry
Robert Garcia - Not yet. 4th after Kyo
Takuma Sakazaki - Not yet after Yuri.
Kyo Kusanagi - Not yet. He'll come after Ryo is done.
Benimaru Nikaido - Not yet
Goro Daimon - Not yet
Athena Asamiya - Not yet
Sie Kensou - Not yet
Chin Gentsai - Not yet
Kim Kaphwan - Not yet
Chang Koehan - Not yet
Choi Bounge - Not yet
Heidern - Not yet
Ralf Jones - Not yet
Clark Still - Not yet
Yuri Sakazaki - Not yet. Will come after Robert
King - Not yet
Mai Shiranui - Not yet
Heavy D! - Not yet
Lucky Glauber - Not yet
Brian Battler - Not yet
Rugal Bernstein - Ripped by Magma Dragoon.
Boss Rugal - Ripped by Magma Dragoon.

As before, I'm not sure if the game has any unused sprites that could be included. If anyone can inform me.I'll consider doing graphics such as hitsparks and lifebars once I've gotten underway with characters. Eventually, stages may also be considered.

I'm also new to using the Ripping Projects part so feel free to tell me if I'm doing it correctly.
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What you've got here isn't a bad start, though we usually post at least one completed sheet in our very first post, but I don't see anything wrong with this, unless one of the admins/mods has something to say. And good luck with what you're doing! Smile
[Image: kE8xa19.png]
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Looks like Magma Dragoon was kind enough to rip both Rugals so he'll no longer be on the list. His place in the sequence will instead be taken by Takuma.
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