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Satsume's Pixel Art/WIP
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I want to post a little cronolgy of my "improvement" from 2009/2011,but i don't want "deforme" the page,i put only few of my works.
(My Complete Gallery -> Here )

[Image: characters__r1831172751.png] - [Image: star.png]
[Image: makeupcontest.png]

[Image: team__r1793172751.png]

[Image: galaxygirlchallenge.png] - [Image: supermariobrosremake.png]
[Image: mockup_nightmares.png]
[Image: oldstuffremade.png]
[Image: mhmc.png] - [Image: monsterhunterdemakegb.png]


[Image: platform_meclants.gif] - [Image: warmonster.gif]
[Image: newmario.png] - [Image: tomassassin2.png]
[Image: cthuree.png]

Done! i hope i haven't caused annoyance,please give me some advices for improve my skills,recently no one appreciates my works and i don't know the reason =/
Your lines are fairly good, but it's the texturing that throws a lot of things off. A lot of it doesn't make sense.

That said, I really like the triple-breasted alien woman (probably the best of all of them). Texturing is used in moderation on her piece and it looks great.
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I really like the 3rd one under 2010.
[Image: b6Bqjzn.gif]
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A lot of these figures sort of have a stiffness to them. Loosen them up a bit. That Mario mock up seems interesting. Although it does look strange how the ground seems so flat while the blocks have a bit of three-dimensionalness to them.

Very impressive. Keep up the good work.

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Thx for comments guy!

for Sengir: you can teach/explain me how i can improve my texture skills? i don't want give up,i want able to made all type of PA (sprite,background,ect)

for Flannel bastard: i'm happy if that piece like you,i think it's one of my best idea/palette/mockup hehe ^^' but nothing to special for yours

for Koopaul: stiffness? it's probably right,but how do it fix it?

My goal is to find my defects and eliminate them. >-<
I never learned to draw,you think that as possible problem?
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Look at the ground in the mario mockup, there are so many random lines it looks chaotic.

Now look at this:

The ground looks a lot simpler and isn't as random, but it still looks somewhat natural
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[Image: mhmc.png]
Definitely my fave, big MH fan Big Grin
Basing on your pictures, you definitely improved . Great job with all of this
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[Image: team__r1793172751.png]
Cacturne looks totally stiff and has also a deformed leg. Solrock seems to have a leg, the main sprite is good. Kingdra is too small (development level 3).

[Image: star.png]
This one is perfect.

[Image: warmonster.gif]
Needs more contrast and less details.

[Image: tomassassin2.png]
Body needs more contrast due to readability (exception: black background).

[Image: dariC.png][Image: tumblr_mlf109xOe81rmu6i5o1_250.gif][Image: b0KxM.gif]
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idk, some of your pieces are great but others aren't. There is a very large gap between those. I suggest making this gap as low as possible, so you can tackle different things without having a noticeable quality drop.

for example, your pokémon thing looks alright until it hits the cactus one, that looks very subpar. And that Mario mockup is perhaps one of the worst, because of the wonky lineart on Mario and on the ? block.

be easy on the texture too, because if done way too much, it can kill its readability.

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[Image: deT1vCJ.png]
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thx to all for advices,probably you have right,maybe i work much on textures,and maybe i made it bad with the consequences = bad work
just what i see some work very well worked and i'm jealous Ouch!
how i can adjust my way to made pixel art?
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You could always put some of your work in the "Reworkshop Thread" for others to edit, and watch their approach to your sprites.

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