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[Image: mw84fo.png]
Just a lineart for now, but i'm having a hard time trying to add his 4 arms...
And for the ones who don't know who this is;

Anyway, how does it look right now?
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considering it's a line art, it's fairly decent.

But there are some issues; From what it appears, the reference you are using doesn't show the ribs, it's hard to tell. If you plan on keeping them then the top left (our right) rib, and the lower left rib are slightly jagged. maybe when it's colored that could be aa'd, so it might not be an issue. And the sword in his left hand looks more like a giant sickle, it doesn't need to be curved like that.

Another thing that bugs me is the spine, I honestly think it should be totally redone, it doesn't really look like what the character has.
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