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NES Mockup - WIP
[Image: mock2.png]

Title pretty much says it all, just working on the platforms atm. How do I rocks?

C+C please?
[Image: 2003-02-20.gif]
I dig it, but I can't exactly tell what you're making here, it looks like a city in the background and a cliff in the foreground?
[Image: dassig.png]
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Uh, yeah. I'm pretty sure it's fairly obvious that that is indeed what it is Unsure

[Image: mock2.png]

I redid the rocks and other suck minor edits
[Image: 2003-02-20.gif]
change the hue of the cliffs, they blend in too much atm
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Could you elaborate? I dont see how the cliffs blend in with anything atm.
[Image: 2003-02-20.gif]
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well, its not that they blend, its just that they don't really seem like the focal point even though they should be. if it were me, i would make them a pale yellow or red.
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If this is supposed to be true to the NES pallette, then there can't be any yellows since the NES can't produce yellow, though a shade of green that's close to yellow can be substituted and would work perfectly.

Here's the NES pallette for reference.
[Image: dassig.png]
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Like this?

[Image: 1h4ghx.png]

I like the third one a lot

EDIT: This is the NES palette I've always used:

[Image: nes-spec.gif]

EDITEDIT: I just tried a green shade - it looks the best

[Image: 21n1kep.png]
[Image: 2003-02-20.gif]
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[Image: mock2.png]

I'm trying
[Image: 2003-02-20.gif]
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(02-21-2011, 09:38 PM)Cshad Wrote: [Image: mock2.png]

I'm trying

The skull seems to be jutting directly out of the side of the cliff that is facing the screen. Is that what you're going for? I suggest adding more rock details around the neck of the skull to make it seem more centered
the skull looks very flat now.
[Image: bigbrother_savagereturn.png]

[Image: gabeed14.png]
[Image: x1aIZ2e.gif]
[Image: shrine.gif]

Bigbrother(the guys alias) did something similar with a cliff in a game mockup, go look him up on pixeljoint for reference. It's coming a long nicely though.

edit: Damn, he got there before I did.
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This is looking great, like others mentioned the rocks around the skull don't make any sense, as if the skull is on the side of the cliff rather than the front. But technique and use of shades and colors are very well done, I think I've become a fan of yours now, also I'm bumping this thread as a sign for you to continue.
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(02-23-2011, 06:02 PM)Alternate Wrote: AWESOME!!!!!!!

when posting, don't just say 'AWESOME'; add something else to help him :I

I checked your other posts, and I noticed most of your comments have little to no content. I'll keep an eye on you; consider this a verbal warning.
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