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Tyler's Sprites
[Image: funkykongdisplay.png]
So, I had a great idea while trying to go to sleep last night. That idea was to try to make a good Funky Kong sprite.
I haven't really seen any decent size Funky sprites, so I decided to make one.
It took me a few hours of trying different things out, but I think I've produced something decent.
So, comments and criticism would be greatly appreciated.
Also, I'd like to know which sunglasses you prefer.
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The shading on his teeth shouldn't go that dark, looks like he has something in his mouth, and the belt doesn't really go the direction of his pants.
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[Image: funkykongdisplay.png]
I feel like there's something more I could do for the teeth, but I don't know what
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i feel like pointing out the more than obvious anatomy flaws on tha ape but you know

they're clearly evident, they're right there, in front of you.
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oh, ls.
You always do have issues with anatomy.
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If you could point out the flaws in my anatomy with reasonable ways to fix them, it would be appreciated.
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I think firstly, you should work on the feet - they look a little mangled. Don't be too worried about having the bottom of his feet flat - it's not too rare to see.
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I would also consider fixing the nostrils, they look like he has a mustache.

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[Image: sbdHa.png]
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i uh don't get your redlining, metaru

it's a good start, but definitely fix the feet. his left leg is also a bit on the broken side. maybe because his left calf is too long.
[Image: ZRdfkWQ.jpg]
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His reoutline fixes the anatomical problems of the torso and legs. Not that the arms dont need work though.
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ignore the red
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Sorry for taking so long, had other things going on.
Anyway, I've edited him based on the outline by Fuchikoma and other crit
[Image: funkykongdisplay.png]
Shoulder on our left broadened, nostrils lightened and separated, legs re-sprited for better anatomy.
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i don't really get how are his arms placed. is he supsoed to hold a shotgun or anything like that
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No, their just supposed to be in a curled-relaxed position. Almost like he's about to flex.
However, I think I may shift his left arm to face the side.
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