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Zelda Boss remakes: Armos Knight and Moldorm
[Image: t8x85v.png]
The different development stages of the Armos Knight sprite I'm working on. I honestly don't like the way the shield symbol is looking. . . . . perhaps I could use a different one. Based pretty much completly around the original from AlttP, but not an edit.

EDIT: Okay, so now I'ved added color and detail. I've decided not to change the shield symbol since it came out pretty good in color.
[Image: erg66p.png]
Included inactive statue mode.
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Hum dee doo
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Simple, yes. Do I care? Not really. Simplicity is all I'm really good at in spriting; never the big complex stuff.
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Now, a very WIP Moldorm.
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Made the way it is so that the lightsource doesn't rotate with the sprite. Have a lot of work to do on it (if I ever find a good way to rotate sprites without making them look terrible).
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(01-29-2011, 07:30 PM)ProtoTroid X Wrote: Now, a very WIP Moldorm.
[Image: 5d5d89.png]
(if I ever find a good way to rotate sprites without making them look terrible).
either manually or by hardware.
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Look up rotsprite. It does a pretty decent job rotating things without messing them up too much. More so than most programs like Photoshop or Paintshop Pro. You still have to do some cleanup of course, but a lot less than usual.
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In this case I think it'd be better to rotate it by hardware (i.e the pieces don't change; the game's engine rotates it in real time). It's what most game programmers would do; Same with armos. All it needs, in fact, is one sprite. The remaining frames are all processed by programming.
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