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Soul Man
Not sure if I should do straight black and white, or use dark grey to color the suit.

[Image: soulman.png]

Also a WIP run cycle (no arms yet)

[Image: soulmanrun.gif]
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When the feet touch, it looks like the switch legs.

Also, if thats a cigarette in his mouth, id like the see the smoke, i think thatd look cool.
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Just go with Black and white. But not exactly black, nor white. Make the colors off slightly.
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The way he runs on the balls of his feet is, firstly, kinda unnatural, and secondly, makes him look kinda like he's got digitigrade legs. And that's really creepy.
[Image: 6WzBw.gif]
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Yeah I realized that the feet looked weird when running, so I'm redoing that a bit now, as well as adding some arms. but for now have this.

[Image: soulman.png]
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Interesting style, I kind of like the digitigrade legs in the run but I'm gonna side with Tachikoma on this one.

actually, looking at the recent one now I like the palette you used. Unless it just me though, the bottom part of the legs seem a little jagged.
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[Image: soulmanrun.gif]
Much better. I cant see this in the still image, but in his animation, is his ass supposed to stick out that one pixel? Just wondering, it bothers me, but if its supposed to be there, i have no complaint.
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Well I wanted to give his thigh some shape. I guess its supposed to be there because I put it there and didnt move it. But Jake was the shorter and fatter Blues Brother, so I'm exaggerating this by making him really stout. When I sprite Elwood, he'll be overly tall and thin by comparison.
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I dunno, the spacing between the legs look strange, but I suppose it's meant to look like that.
[Image: H4KAm.gif]
Yup. I'm a Touhou fan.
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It does look strange i noticed. Id gradually bring his legs in from his inner thighs to his crotch, so it looks like he has one, unless this is the style youre going for. It doesnt look bad, its just weird.

The way the shape of the right hand (His right, our left) changes also bothers me. Not sure what about it though.
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the legs are perfectly fine, what you should be aware is how the arms are being swing.
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The right arm (our left) doesn't swing as much as his other arm. It looks strange. Also, I think a little swing in the hips and the shoulders would make this look more natural. Although it might alter the style of it.
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Well there's been a lot of mixed crits about this run. I wanted him to always be facing in that 3/4 perspective, so I don't want him to turn when he runs. But I can mess with the swinging of his shoulders a bit. I'm going to leave the legs as they are. The arms I'm not sure about. When I first sprited them, I felt that his right arm was moving much more than his left, but TPoe sees it as the opposite. So I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do with them for now. I'll probably tweak them a bit though.

Sorry for the lack of progress. All I have to offer right now is an Elwood.
[Image: soulman.png]
I think his arms and legs might be too thick, but I'll wait to see what you guys think.
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I think you should take a pixel off of his arm and legs. It will look better then.
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