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Fatman's Spritework (Updates Not-very-regularly-like)
Okay, so. Might as well show my stuff.

[Image: mml-rmd_leopordosprite.png]
A Leopordo from the Rockman Dash/Megaman Legends games. Half custom, half edit from Metal Slug sprites.

[Image: mml-rmd_frbatterysprite.png]
A Full Recoilless Battery cannon from Megaman Legends 2. Custom. Might expand on it with sprites of the cannon rotating.

[Image: mml-rmd_hypershellfinished.png]
A Hyper Shell special weapon from Megaman Legends 2. Custom.

[Image: sahagin-tan.png]
A Cute Monster Girl version of the Sahagin family from Final Fantasy. Edited from sprites of Leviathan from Megaman Zero.

[Image: tkr_possessor_final.png]
A Possessor Heartless from the Kingdom Hearts games. Mostly custom.

[Image: tkr_neoshadow_final.png]
A Neoshadow Heartless from the Kingdom Hearts games. Also mostly custom. Fun fact: I was going to use him for a video game I never got around to making, because I know absolutely nothing about programming.

[Image: tkr_shadowheartless_final.png]
A Shadow Heartless from the Kingdom Hearts games. ALSO mostly custom. I used him as the basis (head-wise) for the Neoshadow, and ran from there.
[Image: fatman_sig.png]
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sorry to break it for you but most of the edited if not all of the edited stuff is quite regular, if not far from decent. the shading in the first two rather than give volume and shape to the object makes them look beveled over a surface, and the edited parts of the sprite clash agaisnt what was original(asuming that the thread are what you didn't sprite)

the rest of what you posted suffers from a massive lack of contrast, rendering most of its readbility on a really low level.

however, i might warn you: this forum's purpose is to ask for feedback in works in process. while its ok to just introduce yourself by posting what you have done so far, you can't expect us to actually critique what seems to be finished(or asumed as). specially if these are mostly edits and splices.

of the whole lot the battery might be the only one that could be considered.
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A lot of this could actually be reasonable submission material if you're willing to work on these more. Your lineart is fine, mostly (Though I dislike your Neowshadow. It's way too stiff and squat, compared to the more lanky acrobatic realisations in the games); your shading and colour palette need redoing. Which is entirely fine, and we can help with that.
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