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Here he is my wierd carnivorous apple and I know he needs something but i dont know what exactly it is...
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was expecting Dudley

am I disappoint

the sprite is bad and needs fixing. There are jaggy parts, mainly on the teeth, you need more contrast and it doesn't look like a mouth to me that much. It looks more like a green apple with a red box inside it imo.
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dont link to your deviant art account. upload it to imageshack or any other hosting site properly.

this is a verbal warning.
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thank you and i am on it Cute
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is that an edit
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(01-13-2011, 09:29 PM)Fuchikoma Wrote: is that an edit

no...I am working on the new version of dudly and he is my own original character sprite Smile
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I don't see anything...
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looks like a splice to me.
try and mess around with the colours, they don't work well together in my opinion.
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i dont really think you actually made anything out of that you see, but i'll give you the benefit of doubt.
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