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Halo Grunt
Hey guys, here's a really sucky grunt. Smile LINK:
[Image: halogrunt.png]
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If its the same halo grunt im thinking about, with much more effort put into it. This could be more recognizable.
(mask is uneven, boring Default Paint colours, and and overall sloppy with black outlines)
If Say yourself it sucks, I suggest you take time to the point you would say it's worthy of other people seeing.
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what a coincidence i made an halo grunt too look
[Image: 580930_7f5f8c5f7e_m.jpg]
i think both share the same awful readbility. i'd suggest taking yours back to the drawing board, stare at it, and be honest with yourself and see if that looks anywhere close to look like a grunt from halo.

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