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I need tutorials please
Hello, I am a new artist and wanted to find some good tutorials
for drawing sprites, but problem is I need something
which fits my tastes, I draw 16-bits and I follow my own style
with the characters which I use simple cross eyed dots
with anime triangle or other nose shapes I learn these techs.
from a "how to draw cartoon book" by using old fashion
three fingers and simple human like body shapes without trying
to copy the character's body by making my own kind of body structure
which looks cool and unique like in those classic cartoons.

I like to draw scenery for my comics and games because
I know it would look empty without any so I want some tutorials
on doing backgrounds too.

Well thanks and I had to say
that Koopaul, Dazz, Josher (the guy who draws pokemon here)
Toadkarter, (not sure if he is still a memeber in this site but anyway)
Grim and Debug (I know these guys long time ago, too bad his site's down)
these are just some good artists I know so I would be very glad
if anyone of you guys could show me some support by
posting any tutorials or examples of your work would be really nice.

As for now, I will be back later with some images.
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Are we talking on the phone or something?

Please, please be coherent, I can't even begin to understand what you are talking about.
We have a tutorials post in the stickied section called the
"Spriting Dictionary"
Check it out for some good tutorials.

Also, generally, a post in Spriting and Pixel Art section contains Sprites or Pixel Art in it from the get go, you don't need to reserve your thread or anything.
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Sorry I posted this question in the wrong page,
Thanks for the link though that helps me find the tutorials.

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just wondering, Smash, how old are you?
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clearly he's 29.

OP, i'd close the thread but i'd let you bump it again whenever you feel like actually posting something coherent, or at least post your suposedly "own style 16bits anime like " sprites.
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saying stuff like "I like to draw scenery for my comics and games because I know it would look empty without any" implies that you're already doing such things... but where's the proof?

I would suggest posting samples of your work rather than trying to explain it in text. Trying to articulate what something looks like leaves a lot up for interpretation; It's easier to show people where you are skill-level-wise than to have us guess what you know/don't know.
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Explaining art in words and walls of text...?
Show us some examples of your work if you want help and directions.
That's what this section's for.
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everyone else shut up and stop bumping this thread.

OP is the only one allowed to do so with content. anyone else posting again in this after this post will be warned.
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