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packet mammals
Masquerain got some nice results from you guys and said I should come here if I'm looking to improve, so here I am.

I do Pokemon stuff. Almost exclusively. It's kind of a problem.

...anyway so I'm the lead spriter for a game called Pokemon Uranium. We just released our latest beta. (I'll post a thread for it soon enough). Reactions to my spriting have been... mixed, so I'm looking to improve. Keep in mind I'm kind of limited to Pokemon-style for the most part.
[Image: bambointrosprite.png]
The professor's sprite for the opening lecture. I'm aiming for a style akin to this.

[Image: starters.png]
The starters.
[Image: starterevos.png]
Their evolutions. (They evolve once.)

That's all for now.
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Might as well start it off:

The Water type's line is the one that has the most problems IMO.

Feet and back legs on the first stage look awkward. Horn on the head seems off-angle, mouth looks like 'lipstick', body seems off-angle compared to, well everything else.

Second stage is better but the tail sticking straight out looks awkward.

As for the others:
Fire starter's second stage's leg closest to us is hard to see. Second grass stage's metal parts stick out like a sore thumb.

Other than those issues they're pretty nice. I haven't actually seen some of these before, so...
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the professor's right (his left) arm is horribly disporportionate.

his forearm is only like... half (or less) as long as the rest of his arm.
[Image: ndsMEF0.gif][Image: sig.gif]
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[Image: starters2wip.png]
Edits on the starters; reposed Eletux and more or less completely resprited Flager (including fun with fire). Left Orchynx how it is because there wasn't anything wrong with it per se, it just seems sort of plain.

[Image: bambointrosprite.png] -> [Image: bambointrosprite2.png]
Edits on the professor (in progress), fixed the arm, not sure where I'm going with the hair.

Also, another one of our fakemon, Owten. Needs smoother outlines at least.
[Image: owten2.png]
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All of the starters are on all fours, which makes them look kind of boring. Typically, the starters work well together as a group because there's some variation in design. I think you should look at existing starters to get some ideas. I'm also curious about what the design basis of some of these really are. They feel a little random to me, but it can be hard to tell with fakemon!

The shape of the legs on the professor could use more defining (I can see it doesn't look like they've been completely cleaned up yet but it looks like it could still be a problem) so you might wanna look up some references or something. Also, the sunglasses wouldn't fit on his face like that

You seem to be improving though, so keep it up
[Image: sxv5uJR.gif]
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do you have something else thats not a pokemon?
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(01-03-2011, 08:08 PM)Fuchikoma Wrote: do you have something else thats not a pokemon?

No, not really. Hence why I said,
Quote:It's kind of a problem.
But thing is, I haven't been terribly motivated to do much that's non-Pokemon. Most of what I've been doing lately has been for this particular project; I do some stuff on my own, however. Perhaps I should enter some contests? Or maybe I'll find inspiration by looking at all the great pixelart here.

Here's Professor Bamb'o, pretty much done. I decided to take a cue from some of you guys and pixel using a colored background rather than an all-white one; the white background was affecting my color choice and outlines. (plus, in-game he's on a background that's similar to this.)
[Image: bambointrosprite2.png]

Also, revamped Owten and its evolution, Eshouten. Legs on Eshouten are still kind of bothering me but otherwise I'm fairly satisfied.
[Image: owten3.png] [Image: eshouten3.png]

About the monotony in the starters: I know. It's a known complaint. Their designs originate from waaaay early in the project, and we've sort of grown attached to them, but not -that- attached. I'm actually working on a replacement for the fire starter that's a) bipedial and b) reptilian; I'll post it here when I get anything substantial.
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the arm still looks pretty bad. the forearm is still too short and it looks noodle-y, as in why does his bone bend like that arms dont do that
[Image: ndsMEF0.gif][Image: sig.gif]
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(01-05-2011, 12:29 PM)Vipershark Wrote: the arm still looks pretty bad. the forearm is still too short and it looks noodle-y, as in why does his bone bend like that arms dont do that

This is the arm on the right (his left)? I can sorta see what you're talking about, but not really. Would you mind pointing it out for me on the image?

Anyway here's the fire starter replacement I was talking about, and its evo which is obviously still in progress

[Image: velociraptorswip.png]
They're velociraptors and armadillos but mostly velociraptors. Top two are progress shots, middle are three color schemes (yellow was the original idea but we figured it looked too charmanderish, black is what we're going with, green is yoshi). Bottom is the evolution, which I'm asking for an anatomy check on I guess but also any other comments I guess.
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I actually like that so far.
[Image: b6Bqjzn.gif]
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Lookin' good Twitch.

The velociraptor claw on the first stage's left foot looks a bit too straight compared to the other one, though. Not sure what would fix that.
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[Image: velociraptorswip.png]
blah blah progress blah, not even bothering to remove it from the sheet, I guess I should ask for help about something.

tell me if I'm doing anything horribly wrong or if there's a way to easily improve readability here or what

EDIT: Let's just call these done.
[Image: raptors.png]

And here, have some other stuff I made not so recently that I could also use some feedback on:
[Image: baashaun.png] [Image: baaschaf2.png] [Image: pahar2.png]
Baashaun, Baaschaf, Pahar.

Also crit on the starter evos in the first post would be appreciated thanks.
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The second raptor is a little cluttered in the color department - too many different hues next to each other on a smaller sprite? Not sure.

Baaschaf could do with being at least as wide as Baashaun, either that or make Baashaun smaller.

Pahar would benefit from a Pidove-like head size.
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Well hello Involuntary Twitch. Haven't really seen you around in a while. Are you guys rebooting the Pokemon Uranium project? I forgot about it and haven't seen it progress. Well, if so I can finally help out with the project. Wink

Flager's fire obviously isn't very "pokemon-ish" unless you compare it with the original games. Though now it's red, yellow, and orange and the style has changed too, though I think you realize this and are going to change this. In fact the only reason I mention this is because you seem to do the same thing with the fire replacement's and the original fire's form wasn't very pokemon-ish either, or are you going for a different look?

His evolution's problems go though with some of the same issues with fire's form. The back leg's fire looks fine but the one lining his back doesn't.

The top of Orchynx's tail seems to be cut off. There doesn't seem to be any clear indication of any outlining here at the top.

Eletux seems like a manetric rip off somewhat. Maybe you should think of a water starter replacement as well.

Orchynx's evolution's tail looks odd as well. At the root it's somewhat skinny and then fattens and then ends in a point. The top also seem flat.

The Professor's hands are aggravating me. His left hand looks awkward and his right hand seems to clutch the clip board awkwardly and the fingers end in stubs. The poses are fine for the hands but need to be refined. I liked the way his eyes where before where they are looking at you and it seems he was engaged in a conversation with you, unlike the new position where they trail off in the distance and his mind is probably elsewhere, oh and when he talks to you he sounds like a valley girl (, these are like pokemon right, so like they battle and it's like fun see like my pokemon like its like the best like....). Then again I guess the position I happen to prefer makes him look like a rapist from Lincoln park who got back from his vacation to Hawaii.

Owten and Eshowten have outlining problems. Eshowten's are too dark and Owten's are too light, oh and there is a break in outlining on Owtens left wing.

The fire replacements are fine besides what I have already mentioneds but their design just irks me and I don't know why. To each his own I guess...

Baashaun's lifted leg looks weird and the whole line looks like a mareep line rip off. Baaschaf's left eye is smooshed, and he's stepping on his tail.

Paahar's anatomy is awkard, his design is quite frankly awkward, his right wing is smooshed, his left wings outline is broken, and his top feathers need to be redone.

Well there's my crit for so far. Nice seeing someone else I knew/seen around some pokemon forums I used to frequent. Oh and I think Fuchikoma was just mocking what you said in the op by saying that. If it wasn't Fuchikoma it would've been someone else...

Speaking of packet mammals I need to finish my first attack for Charmander, make a pokeball animation, and refine my basic animation then I guess I'll display it to watch it get slaughtered with crits to make some new and improved sprite.

Hope to see you around some more Twitch.

[Image: seeeegaaaaaaa.gif]


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wow i wish i was that good Dx
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