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Flatout 2 Giveaway
First person to have three "thanks" on this post before midnight (EST) gets Flatout 2 for free (you'll have to add me on Steam though. A link to my TF2 backpack's in my sig, and if you click on my profile icon it'll bring you to my profile).

For anyone who doesn't know what Flatout 2 is: it's some SUPER DEMOLITION DERBY racing game thing. It's on sale for a dollar right now, but it got some decent review so yeah.
Thanked by: Skink, Skink, Skink

Finally got it after 20 minutes of clicking the thank button. My finger hurts like hell.

Thanked by: Gwen
Congrats Skink! You win. Send me a friend request on Steam (username is elbonoodel) and I will gift you Flatout 2!
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