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List three things that you can't draw at ALL
If you don't draw at all, you can't post here AngryAngry

Twenty years from now, you'll look back at this thread and go "HAH! how pathetic of me now i can draw that, I was such a loser"

so yeah, LIST YOUR CRUTCHES (and probably give a reason why you can't draw them)

I'll start!

1. Machines - These things are amazingly complex. I'm not much of a machine-fan, so I never bothered drawing stuff like mechs, computers, or cars

2. Muscle men/women - haven't drawn people at my local Porky's gym so I can't make someone look really manly :<

3. Perspective - easier said than done. following the "draw some lines converging into a vanishing point" rule doesn't automatically make you a perspective master. there seems to be a buttload of extra rules you must learn. if you can't draw perspective properly, you'll draw huge/tiny people or huge/tiny buildings

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perspective, muscles and animals
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I can't think of anything specific that I can't draw, but if I haven't drawn something several times already, I probably can't draw it very well
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1.women, mainly the head, I'm getting better at facial details though.
3.animals(I would really love to draw the hell out of otters)
4. Trees, ungh they are so hard.
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realistic humans, realistic animals, realistic objects/backgrounds/shrubbery
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Full body shots
Shots from behind
Transformers, fucking Transformers.
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-People. I tried and tried and tried and eventually I was like, "Fuck this shit". There are some exceptions though, like, I draw the Dolphin Blue enemy soldiers all the fucking time.

-Backgrounds/scenery. "Why do I have to draw the trees they're going to detract attention from my awesome Slug Gigantus"

-Anything without decent reference pictures. The basic reason why I never draw anything out of Gunforce 2.

I suck Cry
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1º A person
2º F*ck this! I can't draw anythin :'(
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Anything that's not a teenage anime boy
(12-13-2010, 08:39 PM)Keychain Wrote: realistic humans, realistic animals, realistic objects/backgrounds/shrubbery

realism is tough
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I think "animate beings" sums up all three rather nicely, save for decent (I think) renditions of a handful of Mario characters. Realistic animate beings, not a chance.
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I can't draw anything well.

And once I've finished drawing that horribly messed up picture, I can't SHADE anything well.
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- hands

that's about it
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- Gore (for the whatever reason, I can't seem to get certain parts of the body to either slice, organize, or even make it looked like it was ripped off properly)

- Realisim (Usually ends up with oft. laughable results)

- Occasionally, backgrounds (I can't draw fantasy backgrounds worth shit)
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