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Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys!
Ho ho ho! Welcome to this new forum, folks! From December 1st until January 1st, you all will be able to post here for silly discussion, as per an off topic forum.

However, we aren't tolerating any trolling, constant drama, or mad complaining. This forum is only here to serve as a place to have fun and random discussion during the Christmas season, and, as such, we'll be moderating it slightly to make sure you all don't cause a riot!

We feel as though the community has improved tenfold since Spamhaul's destruction, so we're letting you all have a break from the constant seriousness for the holiday season! If it proves to be a good idea, well, maybe we'll do this every year.

If the forum gets out of hand, we reserve the right to remove it. We want this forum to be here for a good time, not constant drama and things we don't want to deal with. It's the holiday season; we should Ho ho ho! Let's have a good time...!

[Image: christmas-tree-main_full.jpg]

Ho ho ho! The Secret Santa is underway, get crackin', my elves!
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good idea, staff team (dex)
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