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A quick word about TUGS
Due to the overwhelming lack of entries in the second round and the fact that school has been hitting everyone fairly hard recently, TUGS has hereby been postponed for the moment.

In the future, perhaps during a holiday break or during the summer, we will hold TUGS again, this time, being more organized, structured, and actually have three judges. 1up and I will work together to make the next TUGS you participate in extravagant!

Sorry to those few who've put their time and effort into their work so far; it was great to see such outstanding work from all of you. It's not all bad, though- from now until the next TUGS, you have all the time in the world to practice and better yourself. Who knows what the next TUGS will look like at this rate?

It's disappointing to have to end something that started out so great so early, but it's what we've gotta do. Hopefully, those of you who started stuff will at least post it here and let us check out what you've done!

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it sucks that its getting cut off, but understandable. ah well, i got some of my better work out of it so i guess i can't complain
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Didn't I say that TUGS wouldn't make it to the end if I enter
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No, I said that.
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Did I win?
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Thanks to Pik and Solink; they are sexy people. Heart
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give trophies to all of those who finished.
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you're all winners in my heart
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TUGS was organized really badly this year. Honestly didn't think it would succeed, especially since it started around the time everybody's lives started getting difficult.
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it was a huge rush, lets be honest.
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do we get trophies for bothering?
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Participant trophies!!!

No, seriously, hopefully I won't feel like ripping my own teeth out with a wrench just to dull the droning of work by the time Tugs comes back.
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(09-30-2010, 12:56 PM)Burn Wrote: do we get trophies for bothering?

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his.... his stomach is goatse. why is his stomach goatse
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we got halloween and music activities going on. to the archive with this thread
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