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NEWCOMERS: READ ME! (Updated 2013-03-11)
Welcome to tSR!
First and foremost, I'd like to welcome you on behalf of the staff. If you have a question, feel free to ask one of us via PM. We don't bite and we generally try to be helpful.

In this thread, you'll learn how to start off on the right foot when posting here. It always helps to read the rules. Luckily, you're already in the correct area for that.

If you plan to post custom sprites (sprites that you made all by yourself), please post them in Sprite Discussion first. Even if you plan to submit them, we do have quality control and we'll tell you how to improve your sprites so that they can become submission worthy. If you are going to post in that section, make sure you read the section-specific rules before posting anything; otherwise, you'll get in trouble.

Did you come here to request a sprite sheet or something like that? We don't want you to join just to request something, so we require that you wait a month and make at least 20 posts before being able to request. This is strictly enforced. If you spam to get your 20 posts, before or after you have reached your month, you'll be disciplined accordingly. Requests are fine, but don't expect us to work for free. Be sure to read the requesting rules thoroughly before requesting anything.

So, you want to submit something to the site? As you may know, tSR recently expanded to add new sections for submitting Sounds, Textures, and Models in addition to Sprites. Each submission section has its own guidlines. There are Sprite Guidelines, Model Guidelines, Sound Guidelines, and finally Texture Guidlines. Be sure to read them for the section you want to submit stuff for.

Want to Introduce yourself and become a part of the community? That's no problem, but please understand that we are a very tight-knit community and when we post stuff in certain areas, we do it with certain sense of privacy. You can properly introduce yourself here. We generally don't bite unless you come off as an arrogant asshole.

I'm sure you've noticed that we have a General Discussion area. This section is there for most topics that don't fit in the other sections. For Example: World News, Movies, Music, and just about anything that isn't spam.

Inside of General Discussion you'll notice the tSR Lounge. This is basically like a "look what I found" and spam section, but don't go overboard. We don't like to see things that are older than the internet, so don't post something that's old to everyone. The rules are a bit more relaxed in here, but there are still limits.

Have you noticed an annoying advertisement on the site? Some users have issues with advertisements on the site from time to time. If you'd like to report an ad, DO NOT MAKE A NEW THREAD FOR IT. Instead, you can report it here. Also, we'd prefer if you didn't use an ad blocker if possible. That helps the site generate revenue.

Want to talk about Video games? That's what Gaming Discussion is for. It really does help to look for what game you want to talk about with the search function, but you should know that you shouldn't necropost [which simply means to bump an old topic]. If you find a thread about the game you want to talk about and the thread is too old to be posted in, just start a new thread. If you want to talk about Pokemon, we have a sub-forum for that located here. Team Fortress 2 players should take a look at this section!

On to the Real Life section. This is one of the areas we have hidden from non-members, mainly because it has some sensitive content in it. Not many new threads get posted here because we have a few threads that cover all of the basics. If you want to talk about something that there isn't already a thread for, then feel free to start a new thread.

Do you like to make Art? Welcome to the Creativity section. This section has its own rules that you should read. Please understand that we are blunt with our criticism which shouldn't be ignored, particularly if you are getting good advice. We also have a thread dedicated to art resources, so if you have something to add or want to use the information, please look in there.

Got a question? That's what the Questions, Info, and Tutorials section is for. If you're having computer trouble or need help with something relating to the site, this would be the palce to ask it.

Finally, there is The Archives. This is where we put old important threads so they don't clog up other areas. This area is pretty much unimportant to new members.
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Updated 9-6-11:
Updated to reflect relevant changes to the board; removed the section about the Groan Zone and added new sections for the tSR Lounge and Questions, Info, and Tutorials sections.
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