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Cocoron Ripping Project (NES)
Cocoron is a Megaman-esque game in which you can create your own hero by mixing and matching parts (Heads and Bodies)

Gameplay Video

Here's What I started with so far:

Heads and Profiles

There are 24 Heads and 16 Bodies

Heads (3 types)
Hero, Ninja, Robot, Alien, Fighter, Monster, Ghost, and ?

Bodies (2 Types)
Armor, Wing, Jet, Cyborg, Boat, Buggy, Tank, and ?

Only problem I have is that I cannot make any sense of the bodies in Tile Molester, because when I try to put the bodies together, it makes little to no sense and parts are missing from some of the bodies.

The Level design is even weirder, after clearing one area, you have to go from the Level you cleared to the next level, there are many different scene transitions because of this.
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Oh this is cool. Cocoron is a very interesting game.

As far as I remember, the level transitions are in halves. Meaning that half the level when exiting from one location is always the same, regardless of what other area you're going to.
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Just to let you know, Ryan914, Ragey already ripped all of the playable characters/pieces, so you don't have to rip those.

(I should probably go through the "Other" section and clean it up a bit...)
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