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Sprite sheets for RPG Maker XP
I would like to know if there are any programs that I can use to change sprite sheets that I find on various websites such as this one so that I can use them in RPG Maker XP since I am currently working on a large game project and I would rather not be completely reliant on other people making sprite sheets that can be used in my game and I know that there must be some programs that are useful however I don't have the slightest idea what they are. By the way I don't currently have any programming knowledge what so ever there for I need to know about some programs that will enable me to change the sprite sheets that I find on the internet that are user friendly as in fairly easy to use.
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Thanks for the Information and it is good to know that I will not be doing anything to the script for my game since I don't have any knowledge about how to change the code for RMXP.
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NOT A PROJECT. Moved to Requests.
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Ok thanks for the info yet I really don't want to be limited to using what is on this websites main lists so are there any other websites besides this one and the sprite database which have sprites from a variety of official game series available or could one of you guys help me out by making sprite sheets for the following characters: Crazy Hand, Master Hand, Sheik, Kirby, and Meta Knight. I apologize if you guys have any thing against helping to make a "fan game" yet any help would be much appreciated.
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So your starting a large game project, with no programming knowledge/experience? You shouldn't be doing any large projects.
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I am kind of hoping to learn stuff through trial and error and avoid making too many mistakes by viewing the tutorials on You Tube. However I guess that making a big project with out much knowledge is asking for trouble yet at least I am not building a ship or any thing else for that matter and I personally feel that I can learn a lot through the experiences that I will have even if I end up learning what not to do. By the way you do not need any programming knowledge to use RPG Maker XP.
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There is this one program called "Character Maker Xp" That let's you make them. I'll PM you a link to it.
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I thought you were actually programming it, in a programming language. Using RPG Maker isn't the best option, but if you want to make a game quickly, its fine Smile
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